The Iconography of St. Sebastian.

This Iconography of St. Sebastian is structured in a database containing about 7000 entries. Each entry represents a work of Italian Art related to the Saint's life. The database is organized in 27 fields. A description of the content of every field is illustrated in the "GUIDA"chapter (see: Index), where each one of the fields embodies a particular attribute related to the work of art; see hereafter few examples of the most significant fields :

Five types of queries (" INTERROGAZIONE " ) are available to simplify the access to the database.

A first one utilizes a widely recognized artist's name (for example: Tiziano).

The second one is particularly useful if the artist was or is still identified through several last names. In this case the query is directed to the field " Note biografiche" . In the "Note" any known last name or art name (for example Varotari or Padovanino) of the artist is included . However one of these names has always been chosen to identify the artist in the corresponding field : " Cognome o Identificativo "

The third type of query is addressed to bibliography notes (field: Bibliografia) when it is possible to identify notorious art writers who dealt with particular artists and/or their masterpieces. Moreover in this query is also indicated the location  (Localizzazione) of the art work.

The last query is utilized once the entry number is known.